Shadow control

IN PURSUIT OF POWER Sexual Power Practices

00:00 Disclaimer
00:13 Introduction
1:13 Is it possible to gain popularity without resorting to magic?
4:38 Secret of Steve Jobs’ success
9:05 Price of glory and fame
14:00 What is power? Methods of accumulating power
20:52 What is behind the desire for sex?
24:56 What Freud actually created
29:35 Sexual power practices
35:47 Historical examples of male power practices
44:24 Loss of control over power
47:28 Famous personalities who were in circles of power
51:08 Is it possible to accumulate power in everyday conditions?
52:09 How to curb power
57:16 Female circles of power
1:05:27 Group of the goddess Kali
1:06:09 What the Kaaba is
1:09:29 Knights Templar
1:16:34 Paradox of perception
1:18:49 Roots of occult sexual practices
1:22:32 Current situation in society

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