Videos with I.M. Danilov

In Search of Oneself

How to find oneself and one’s mission in life? What is the meaning of life, and how to find it at any age? Why do some people experience various disappointments, while others are happy regardless of any circumstances? Relationships with other people: how to live with those who hate you, and how not to live “holding grudges” in one’s thoughts?

Work on oneself, diverse experiences and practice. How to study consciousness? Why are such stages as autogenic training, meditation and spiritual practice important on the spiritual path?

Who is the real you? “Once left one on one with myself”: who am I, and with whom did I stay one on one? How to learn oneself? To be loved and respected, or to Love and Respect? How does consciousness perceive the power of Love?

Fear of death. Where does it appear from, and why? What is behind it? How to overcome it? What happens to Personality and consciousness after the death of the body? Why is it important to develop Personality spiritually and to discipline consciousness during lifetime? What gives Life and true happiness? How to express Love and Gratitude with feelings, and not with thoughts? What is freedom of Personality?

Videos with I.M. Danilov 

Consciousness and Personality

What is Happiness?

The Spiritual Path: Philosophy and Reality

Tricks of consciousness. What to do?

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