In the Trap of “Responsibility”. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

This episode of “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” project is about responsibility!

We raise a basic question of a person’s responsibility in different spheres of life. When a person takes on responsibility, sometimes he doesn’t even think about what it entails. So it is worth getting to the bottom of how and what responsibility is connected with!

  • Who is responsible for what
  • Work responsibility
  • Responsibility in relationships
  • What you can and should take responsibility for and when you should not
  • Responsibility and a person’s right to choose
  • True responsibility

There are still a fair number of gaps in psychology that prevent resolving requests from people effectively.

So, friends, let’s get to the bottom of the current issues and discover the Truth together!

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Video “Consciousness and Personality. From the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive”


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