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At What Times Did the Prophets Come, and What For?

What did the prophets know when they brought the Truth? What did they say about the End Times and the Last Chance for humanity? Who distorted the spiritual knowledge that the prophets had brought to all people? Why did the priests leave grains of Truth in their religions? What are these grains to those who strive for God? Did the prophets know that the Truth would be renewed? At what times did the prophets come? How did their advent influence the situation in the world? What does it mean that the prophets sacrificed themselves to bring the primordial Knowledge to people? What Chance do we now have as humanity? Why are we all chosen, and what is our honor?

As a society, we now have the last Chance given to all people by the Spiritual World — to make the dreams of all the prophets a reality. We should take a step towards each other, unite and build the Creative Society. Together we can!

Watch the full version of the video WHAT THE PROPHETS DREAMED OF, with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, a fragment of which is presented herein.

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