Inaction as a Means of Humanity’s Suicide. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

The bystander effect, or why are most people inactive?

In this episode of the project Psychology. Discovering the Truth, the phenomenon of mass inaction in modern society is discussed.

Specialists in the field of psychology and sociology have conducted several studies on human behavior in critical situations. The conclusion they came to showed that the more people observe an incident taking place, the greater the percentage of people who do nothing!
Why does this happen?
What accounts for these behavioral scenarios?

Watch in this episode of the project Psychology Discovering the Truth:

⁃ The Bystander Effect.
⁃ International online forum “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity”.
⁃ Reason for inaction
– Who is responsible for our future
⁃ The rat experiment
⁃ What does fear have to do with it?
⁃ Precepts of the prophets
⁃ What we can do

There are still enough gaps in psychology, which does not favor effective solution of people’s requests.

Therefore, friends, let’s figure out the current issues and discover the Truth together!

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