Interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. An example of united spiritual family.

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, “Regardless of religious belief, and regardless of whether a person is a materialist or not, or whether he believes in one religion or another, we are all just relatives, moreover, very close ones. For the Spiritual World, there is no difference which religion a person belongs to or in which language a person prays. Languages – it is here that we have them, here we are differentiated by languages, by denominations, we even are split by continents. Now we have people from all the continents. But AllatRa has gathered them together…

”This video is an excerpt from the programme “GOD IS ONE. ALLATRA UNITES. FEBRUARY 25, 2018”

For all people of good will, God is One indeed, regardless of religion. And one is the language of people’s communication — it is the language of spiritual Love, deep inner feelings, where there is no room for division from consciousness. What unites people regardless of age, place of residence, nationality, religion, and social status? Interviews with people from different countries and different continents.

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