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Is Our World a Matrix?

In their life, every person experienced a state of detachment from reality. What is this state? Why does the world become black-and-white and unreal at such moments? What is derealization syndrome? Why does the world become illusory at this time, and how do people perceive it?

Is it possible to compare seeing this world in a state of detachment from reality with what is shown in The Matrix movie? Can people trigger such states on their own? Can states of detachment from reality cause illnesses, and are they a disease?

What is an Observer state, and who conducts the observation process?

What is the correlation between a person’s spiritual work on himself and changes in the world around him? Why is it very important for a person to keep track of where he invests his attention? Why is it that the more spiritually developed people there are on earth, the more people will be able to see the real world?

Why are there glitches in the system? Are the events shown in “The Matrix” movie based on real facts?

What processes take place in the brain in the state of derealization? Can we see events of derealization through specific examples?

Watch the full version of the video “Paranormal Phenomena in a Human Being” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt from which is presented herein.

“Paranormal Phenomena in a Human Being” 

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