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Is There a Difference Between White Magic and Black Magic?

What is black magic? What is white magic? Who is behind black magic, and who is behind the white one? Is the power of God behind white magic? Does a human pay for white magic? What else does a person pay, besides money, for his recourse to mages? Is it possible to solve one’s material problems with the help of money and mages? How much do the services of mages cost, and are they the same for all mages?

Are there any organizations in the world that work free of charge for the benefit of society? How is ALLATRA different from other public organizations? What do the Movement volunteers do for people from around the world?

What is a placebo? What is the mechanism of its work? What role does a person’s attention play in it?

How to distinguish real mages from swindlers and charlatans? What services do people usually address sorcerers for? What is the biggest fee for a deal with a mage? Why does a person who turns to mages eventually remain unsatisfied? Can a person attract love by means of magic?

Where do mages get the power with which they perform their rituals? When addressing mages for help, do we help ourselves or cause irreparable harm? Why, when running to fortune-tellers in order to help our children, do we harm them instead of helping them?
Is it possible to forbid magic? How can one help a person to solve his problems by means of knowledge?

Freedom of choice is God’s greatest gift to a human! What a person chooses is what he eventually receives, and so he lives.

Watch the full version of the video “About Magic” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt from which is presented herein.

“About Magic” 



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