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Is There Life After Death?

Is there life after death? Why do we have fear when we ask this question? How do we understand death? Does a human perceive death? Why are we unwilling to accept the inevitability of death? What do various religions say about life after death? Does a human remember his or her past life?

In religions, an opinion is imposed that the Soul undergoes purification in this world. Is this true? Can the Soul as a particle of God need purification or perfection? Why are there so many distortions in matters of postmortem destiny? Who benefits from them? What did people in ancient times know about life after death? Does the after-death fate depend on a person’s status or nationality? What are the options of postmortem destiny between which people choose? Does a person choose his or her destiny while living in a body or after its death?

Watch the full version of the video “Life After Death”, an excerpt from which is presented herein.

Video “Life After Death” 



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