Islam: Religion of Love

Islam: Religion of Love. Answers to Questions

Dear viewers, we offer you the episode of the series of programs “Islam: Religion of Love”, which is also dedicated to answering your questions.

Why didn’t the Prophets write the Scriptures with their own hands? What is the true meaning of the 8th and 9th verses of the 81st Sura? What do these verses of the Surah “Twisting” have to do with our present day? What is the true purpose and meaning of the muqatta’a, that is, the letters (for example, Alif Lam Mim) at the beginning of some Suras of the Holy Qur’an? Where did the tradition of wearing the hijab really come from and what does the hijab have to do with Islam? How to come to Allah? How to reach Paradise? What should one do in the family if one of the spouses is against your spiritual development, that is, your actions (ibadat) aimed at earning the satisfaction of Allah Almighty?

To make a conscious and full-fledged choice in this mortal and temporary life, Knowledge is necessary! For without Knowledge, a person will not be able to fully understand between what and what he can choose. And that is why the importance of allatra Knowledge brought by the Mahdi is so great! In fact, this is the most important and most significant event for every true Muslim! For now everyone who aspires to Allah Almighty, to Paradise, a person, has a real Chance to reach His Mercy! Therefore, we pray to the Most High Allah that the Knowledge of allatra, brought by the Mahdi, will become the property of every worthy person! And may it be the Will of Allah Almighty!

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