Islam: Religion of Love

ISLAM: Religion of Love. Heaven and Hell. Episode 1

The unique video THE CALL OF MAHDI on ALLATRA TV provoked a great interest in Islam and its genuine beauty, revealing its true depth.

Thanks to the AllatRa Knowledge and the Call of MAHDI, plenty of discoveries and insights have appeared, which we exactly share in the video Islam: Religion of Love. These insights are aimed at that which can facilitate understanding of the true essence of Islam – the Way to Allah the Almighty, and thus to consolidate and to unite Islam.

The Call of Mahdi video is a signal for unification of all Muslims of the world around the banner of the Truth. To forget all discord, quarrels and conflicts, and to become a single brotherly family as our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) entrusted – all this is an urgent and vitally important need of today.

Truly, this is the sign for pondering people who don’t content themselves with what is imposed and suggested to them, but seek answers to their questions themselves. While there are no questions that don’t have answers, and the one who seeks surely finds.

Today, when the entire world is standing on the verge of an abyss, the Call of Mahdi is a chance of salvation for the whole humanity, granted by the Will of Allah the Almighty, the Most Gracious and Merciful! By uniting in a single brotherly family thanks to the Call of Mahdi and the Knowledge brought by Imam Mahdi, humanity will be able to enter a qualitatively different phase of development and to attain righteous and proper life! Life which is harmonious and deserving Content of Allah the Almighty!

The Call of Mahdi is a sign of the time, which requires relevant actions of the entire Muslim ummah, that is, unification of Muslims of the whole world around the banner of Mahdi – the banner of the Truth! The Truth which is, first of all, in the fact that Islam is the religion of Love and Brotherhood! And the video Islam: Religion of Love reveals the true essence, depth, wisdom, and beauty of Islam on the basis of the AllatRa Knowledge – the Knowledge brought by Mahdi!




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