Islam: Religion of Love

Islam: Religion of Love. Questions and Answers. Episode 4

Dear viewers, we kindly present to your attention the fourth episode of the video series Islam: Religion of Love, which is dedicated to answers to your questions. What is Islam? What should Muslims do so that there is Islam all over the world? What does wearing a beard have to do with a person’s iman (faith)? About various interpretations of the Qur’an. You will find answers to these and some other questions in the fourth episode of Islam: Religion of Love.

Today, when the entire world is turned upside down, it is very important to be vigilant, attentive and sensible in order to learn to distinguish black from white and to see the essence of things. In order to learn this, Knowledge is necessary, the Knowledge which is today given by Imam Mahdi by the Will of Allah the Almighty! Therefore, it is very important for everyone who considers themselves Muslims and sincerely strives for God not to miss the unique opportunity to make their contribution to the Allah-pleasing activity (thawab) — spreading the Truth of AllatRa brought by Mahdi among Muslims all over the world!





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