Jealousy: the Authority of a Dead One. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

“Jealousy is a sign of love” is a common statement nowadays.
Is it true?
🔹 Have we ever wondered what jealousy is?
🔹 Where does it come from?
🔹 Is it even normal to be jealous?
🔹 Does jealousy have limits of what is permitted?

It so happens that our society does not accept critically what is stated by orthodox science. But, at times, common sense and sober reason can identify the essence of any social phenomenon more accurately than any science.

Present-day human relationships require an urgent and adequate revision of the foundations that have been instituted by psychology and society! Society has already gotten to the point where we cripple and kill each other for inexplicable reasons.
It is time to stop this madness and start living like human beings!

In this episode, “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” deals with the toxic phenomenon of jealousy. The issues of substitutions are raised and an alternative to the traditional approach and view of this phenomenon is offered!

There are still many gaps in psychology that prevent solving people’s inquiries effectively.
So, friends, let’s get to the bottom of the current issues and discover the Truth together!

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Video “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” 

Video “Friend’s Hand”


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