Kaleidoscope of facts


  • The Holy Spirit and the personality of a human being – what is the connection between them? Ancient knowledge about human dual nature and about its core component
  • How does the investment of attention shape our destiny?
  • The deepest feelings. Live language. Practitioners’ experiences.
  • What is the Silver Thread? An inaudible link with the Soul. Direct communication between a person and God. The acquisition of the Holy Spirit. The acquisition of eternal life.
  • This has always been talked about. But why have we forgotten about this?
  • When does the Holy Spirit come?
  • Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. Joint veneration.
  • What does it mean: The prophet “spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit”?
  • Harbingers of the last days.
  • Signs of the coming of the Holy Spirit.
  • When will the Holy Spirit be poured out upon people?
  • The Age of the Holy Spirit. The life-changing role of each person’s choice and of humanity as a whole.

“The Holy Spirit is among people, and He’s in every person, but in abundance (and here, it is exactly said “pour out”, that is, it will be given on top of that). This indicates that people, while still being here, in their bodies, will experience happiness, the happiness of the Boundless World, only when they succeed to unite and when they all become faithful to God. All of them! This is possible, and this is easy.”

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov (from the video “About the Holy Spirit” on ALLATRA TV)


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