Videos with I.M. Danilov

Keys to Heaven

When a person encounters a deep inner feeling, a spiritual gift – grace of the Holy Spirit, it sometimes radically changes his life, in which God becomes a priority. How do people come to God and why? How to attain this boundless inner freedom? How to dive into the depths of oneself regardless of external circumstances?

How to find within oneself the keys to the “gate of heaven”, gain spiritual freedom and merge with God? How to find the Eternally Alive within oneself? How to heat up Love with one’s attention? How not to lose oneself and to be more steadfast on the spiritual path?

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: “Many people perceive life really as a game, as an unreal existence. Yes, it is temporary. But why do we perceive it as unreal? A simple question. What is behind it? Yet, behind it, there is exactly the freedom of our Personality in its right to choose.”

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov 

“From Hell Into Heaven”


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