(English Subtitles)

Turn on English Subtitles

1. Click a video.
2. Click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video player to display the video player settings.
3. Expand the combo box next to Subtitles/CC.
4. Click the desired subtitle language to begin displaying subtitles.

About the mission of a true man. Who is the Knight of the Spirit? What was meant by this in remote antiquity? What is the essence of a man? What is the essence of a woman? What have people lost? What is the sacral symbolical image of the spirit of a true man? Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, George the Victorious, Jirjīs, al-Khader – the symbol of a winner in the spiritual battle. What is concealed behind symbols? About the sacral role of a man in the life of society. About the end times and the possibility to choose the golden millennium. Secrets of the society which become reality.

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