The Universal Grain

Knowledge about the One God. From the video The Universal Grain. The Choice on ALLATRA TV

God is one – people have always lived by this truth. And this was very clearly reflected in the ancient times: people transmitted one knowledge from person to person, from spirit to spirit. Often this knowledge was not even written down, there were just myths, legends, stories. The participants of “The Universal Grain” project decided to look deeper into this topic in order to find out how people of ancient times lived by this spiritual knowledge, transmitted it and how this was reflected in culture.

The analysis of the work of research scientists clearly shows that the most diverse nationalities had a concept of the One Almighty God. Every nation has the One Creator, on any continent and on any mainland. For example among the beliefs of people from Africa there are such epithets of God as: chuku (“Great Spirit” – in Yoruba), ngevo (“God, Great Spirit” – in Mende). We all came from the same Creator – therefore God is everywhere, and above all He is inside. Since we all descend from the Source, then the Source is inside us.

“Spirituality has always and definitely been a part of every human culture” – Manuel Güll, anthropologist.

“When a person understands the laws of spiritual development, he will recognize it in any culture” – Yury Botvinkin, Ph.D. historical sciences.

“By developing spiritual feelings, we would have perceived the world around us and the whole Universe in a different way” – Semir Osmanagić, explorer of ancient civilizations.

A large-scale social research project “The Universal Grain” project is a unique opportunity to cognize the Truth, to know the unity of all spiritual grains on the planet, to come into contact with numerous historical artifacts, to find out the opinion of scientists, to reveal oneself in the process of searching. The fact that God is one, was well known in ancient times, people simply lived by this… For more information about this, watch the episode of documentary “The Universal Grain. Part One. Choice”.


THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN International Research Project

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