Laziness from the position of common sense.

I want to share my observations on the thoughts that defend laziness.

A small background. It all started with the fact that my back started to hurt (an easy, friendly push of life to pay attention to spiritual development, so to speak), if was hurting from time to time (several times a year), but the pain was still not strong enough, that I take actions for treatment. But this time I remembered that there is such a book as “Osteochondrosis for a professional patient”, and besides, my confidence in the author further promoted the speedy familiarization with it. I decided to read it. As it turned out, from what I read – the pain, although not strong, indicates a serious change in the spine.

As one of the necessary conditions for recovery, Igor Mikhailovich points to continuous walking 1.5 – 2 hours a day with a quiet walking pace for daily feeding of intervertebral discs. In addition, walking favorably affects the work of the stomach and even some other body systems. I was inspired by such a simple and pleasant method of recovery. And also, having held in my head the “voting: pro and con,” in which at that time mainly primary and secondary consciousnesses participated, I decided to start to engage in it. I thought that it would be good to get up at 5:00 – 5:30, so when coming home at 8:00, already be cheerful and active after a walk and that there was more time for useful things. Earlier I just got out of bed at 9:00.

And then came the first morning to realize my intentions. The alarm clock rang a familiar melody, and I with a determined spirit sent a signal to the body for awakening. But … then a legion of excuses fell upon me and, at first sight, logical arguments do not do it. Of course, this was not something new for me. In addition, after reading the books of Anastasia Novykh and the programs with Igor Mikhailovich, these thoughts were no longer perceived by me as friendly and mine. The first was the thought: “Oh, God, what did you promised to yourself yesterday ?!” Then: “Do not torture yourself, sleep – it’s useful. Look how dark it is outside the window, nothing good is waiting for you there, many different dangerous situations can happen. ”

There are other thoughts from the opposite, stimulating something to do, but their essence is also to distract to an unnecessary action, when it would be right to do nothing. Some of them sound like this: “What are you a stupid, or what?” Promised? So it must be done! “(When the promise comes from pride). “Do it, because everyone is already waiting for you to do it.” (When the consciousness of a of the collective pushes the consciousness of a person).

Let us return now to the analysis of the thoughts of laziness. At first glance, the arguments seem very logical. First, the correctness of the decision is questioned and our aspiration is practically laughed at: “Oh, God, what did you say to yourself yesterday ?!” Indeed, one can doubt, but what do such arguments defend? – Emptiness, because in indulging the animal nature there is no benefit to the Personality. Indeed, to sleep – it is useful, but how much is necessary to sleep, and what does the quality of sleep and its benefits depend on? We do not know this and do not need to understand it, because we can go from the opposite: no matter how much the body would sleep, it is still not enough, that means – the necessary physiological need is somehow exaggerated by consciousness. It is exaggerated precisely by our animal part, which is capable of very skillfully exaggerating the hollow and minimizing the main and important.

Sensei: – So, the highest power is the power over yourself. Do you remember what Lao Tzu said:
He who knows others is wise.
He who knows himself is enlightened.
He who controls others may be powerful,
But he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
– Yes, it’s difficult, master yourself, – Nikolai Andreevich uttered in a thoughtful way.
Sensei: – All difficult things are simple. For doing it first of all you have to control your thoughts. People always are led by their mood and live with all what pleases their megalomania. They are lazy to control the field of their mind. Therefore all possible weeds are growing there. As a weed doesn’t need to be specially treated and cared of. It will come out anyway, without you being aware of it.
– How can we deseed a weed? – Andrew asked puzzled.
– It’s simple. You just take and uproot it. Is it difficult for you to control your thoughts right now? No. And these “nows” form the whole life. Live “now and here” and don’t be possessed by illusions described by the Animal mind. You are given the freedom of choice! So choose it.

Anastasia Novykh, “Sensei II”

In the beginning, I mentioned the signs that life gives us, I think it would be appropriate to sum up.

In my example, pain was an indicator that I should pay attention to spiritual development. But in the process of fighting laziness, and partly watching this process, I was pressured by the animal origin to fixate me on the struggle with my body to subordinate it to my mind, which is, the secondary consciousness. And during the editing of this article, I began to understand that I really wanted to fight the body (even though it is a secondary consciousness imposed such a desire on me).

But the Personality feels and knows where the truth is, where the now moment from the spiritual goes, and where simply the hallow and false consciousness. An understanding of the deep feelings emanating from the Soul can be developed in oneself through spiritual practices and everyday work on oneself, watching your consciousness.

Life always gives us that easy friendly push, then a hard knock. It all depends on our sensitivity to these signs.

Animal nature always strives to change the direction of our life’s movement from spiritual development to a material channel, that is, to tempt us to take wrong turns at multiple intersections of our life road.

But you can orient yourself by the sense of the right path, the beacon of which is the Soul. At first, the light of the lighthouse with almost no noticeable hint blinks through the noise of the fog of the animal origin – the priorities of consciousness. But as we pay attention to the Soul, thanks to our choice, this light becomes more and more vivid.

Author: Igor F.

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