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Legacy of the Dead

The world of people. How do the deceased influence lives of the living people? Who in a human provokes him to negative emotions, anguish, a sense of hopelessness and loneliness, and how to get rid of this? How do items, possessions, and inheritance from the deceased influence the living? How does the destiny of the living change after they get an inheritance? Why do the dead come to the living in dreams? Do the dead hear prayers of the living for them, and can the dead pray for the living? What measures did people take in ancient times to safeguard the living against the dead?

The invisible world. What is an active, dominant subpersonality (a deceased person)? How does subpersonality find the living people by the trace of its inheritance? How does a subpersonality live instead of a living person? How do the living unknowingly feed the dead with their vital energy? What are the signs of manifestation of a subpersonality in a person? How to neutralize the action of that subpersonality? What is a symbiosis of Personality and subpersonality, and what are the consequences of such a symbiosis? Is it possible to deactivate a dominant subpersonality by means of hypnosis or in any other way?

The world of magic. Intangible legacy: how and why is magic power transferred, and what should be known when a dying person tries to transfer it to his or her relative? What is the danger of transferring a magic gift from a real mage together with his demon? How not to become inevitably dead during the life of one’s body?

Spiritual laws of the Allat’hiara times. What right did the Allat’hiara have from the Spiritual World? How did the granting of peace to the deceased take place, and how was it reflected on the destiny of relatives? Why were the tithe and the double tithe introduced in the time of the ancient Allat’hiara? How did the Allat’hiara help the living people free themselves from the influence of the dead on their lives? What is the current difference between the living and the dead? Is the entire material legacy of this world worth the life of one Angel?


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