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Let’s Give the World Back to the Alive

What is the phenomenon of the ALLATRA International Public Movement? What does the power of unity consist of? Why is it that the more there are people on the planet, the more technologically advanced humanity becomes? Why are many of the latest technologies concealed from the majority of people? How to improve the quality of one’s own life? What opportunities will open up before humanity in the Creative Society at the first and second stages of developing One United Civilization?

The truth about a human and the invisible world that affects him. The information which changes the world. Why does a person abruptly change by his state, the expression of his eyes and so on without any apparent reason? Why do unusual abilities suddenly manifest in people? For what reason does a person who feels quite healthy suddenly start feeling unwell? Why are some people afraid of darkness and nightfall?

Why does human consciousness exclude the understanding of death as such? Why does a human only theoretically understand that he will die, but doesn’t believe in that? How does consciousness work, and how does subpersonality manifest itself through the work of consciousness? What is the consequence for a person of the manifestation of a subpersonality in him? Can the symbiosis of a subpersonality and a human be positive? Are subpersonalities deprived of a moral and ethical aspect, and why? Will a subpersonality (the dead) deprive a living person of life if it has such an opportunity? What secrets of the invisible world did Ahnenerbe possess?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

Video “Subpersonality” 

Video “Life After Death”

Video “How to Attain Peace?”


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