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Life and Antilife

What is life and antilife from the Creative Society perspective? Why is the history of the consumerist format built on wars, destruction, anti-human actions, power and domination? Why is everything in the consumerist format set against life? What prevents some people from parting with the consumerist format? What traps of the power of consciousness does a person fall into in the consumerist format of society? Left-hand rotation and right-hand rotation: why since ancient times did people walk around shrines during rituals with their right shoulder directed to the center, and who changed these traditions?

The unity of society is a path to the cosmic evolutionary development of human civilization. What changes does the choice of the prevailing majority of people entail, and how does this affect the level of civilization development? How will people’s control be exercised during the transition period while the Creative Society will be under construction?

Physics of the process: what is needed to change the spin of rotation from the level of society to the Galaxy level? What is needed to turn the monad over?


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