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Life as Physics. Inventor of the Constructal law Dr. Prof. Adrian Bejan, USA

Adrian Bejan is American-Romanian professor who is the J.A. Jones Distinguished Mechanical Engineering Professor at Duke University. Adrian Bejan received the 2018 Benjamin Franklin Medal for his contributions to “Thermodynamics and constructal theory, which predicts natural design and its evolution in engineering, scientific, and social systems.” He was awarded 18 honorary doctorate awards from universities in 11 different countries, besides, he wrote 30 books and peer-reviewed 650 journals.

Dr. Bejan received his degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  (B.S.1971, M.S.1972, Ph.D.1975). He is the designer of the constructal law. During this interview Dr. Bejan will explain the constructal in simple terms and why his discovery was meaningful to the scientific community. Also, many interesting topics will be discussed:

  • Can the constructal law predict climate change?
  • Where does constructal law apply in real life?
  • Does the time obey the constructal law?
  • Is there a substance such as information in nature/constructal law? Information it’s something that forms everything
  • What is the role of scientists in society?
  • As a lecturer, is there anything you wish to add to the educational system that could support students to maximize their potential?
  • How can society benefit from knowing constructal law?

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