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Yuri Zakharov, MD, founder of the Nobelbad network of high-tech therapy clinics, told us what practical gerontology and geriatrics are.

  • Why do people age and die?
  • Is it possible to extend a person’s youth and save them from age-related diseases?
  • What diseases are more likely to occur with age?
  • What modern technologies are successfully used to prolong life and preserve youth?
  • What is the extracellular matrix and the latest scientific research in this direction?
  • How is stem cell therapy done and how safe is it?
  • What is plasmapheresis and what is it for?
  • Human microbiome and its role in disease prevention. The importance of studying the gut microbiota and the human genome in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

As well as the latest trends in the treatment and prolongation of human life and their efficiency.

Kaleidoscope of Facts “Immortality in the Body or Eternal Life”


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