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Life is love. Everything begins with honesty towards yourself

True freedom, true love, true life. How to find it and keep that inner feeling forever? Why do people confuse the understanding of who they are in their everyday life? Is it really you who has endless material interests and desires? 

“True freedom is the freedom in spiritual sense, when a person really gains it, and that’s exactly where Life begins. If a person wants to Live, if he has experienced, felt that he is a Personality, he just must not lose it, it should be like that all the time. There can be neither fear of death of the body nor anything else, because the person gains an understanding that he cannot die. But it only comes when, again, when he gets freedom.”

More answers to questions about self development in video “Meeting of ALLATRA International Public Movement participants with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov”

A heart-to-heart talk about what a person, walking a spiritual path, comes into contact with, while overcoming the system’s resistance, his or her own hostile consciousness, its swarms of obsessive thoughts, images and directives. Answers to vital questions of self-improvement, discovery and understanding of the mechanisms of consciousness’ work, aspects of Personality’s Life, vital issues of what people face in practice, remarkable peculiarities when operating the “PYRAMID” apparatus and much more.

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