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Life of the Worthiest | Kaleidoscope of Facts 24

Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad… Each of them walked through the path of life of an ordinary human, but thanks to their sincere love to God and people, they managed to become the most honorable representatives of humanity.

The prophets brought the Truth and showed by their own example how to live happily among people and faithfully serve the Spiritual World. They helped people to grasp the true meaning of life, true Love and Freedom. But why don’t we live the way they bequeathed to us nowadays? Don’t we want to live in peace and love? And if we do, why don’t we live that way?

✅ What do all the prophets have in common?
✅ What did they encounter in the world?
✅ How was the Knowledge brought by the Prophets distorted?
✅ Prophecy about the last days
✅ What can save humanity that is on the verge of destruction?

It’s time to give people back the truth!

The research project Kaleidoscope of Facts was inspired by the information presented in the books by Anastasia Novykh and videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

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