LOTUS FLOWER Spiritual Practice | The Two in Private. Episode 13

In this episode of “The Two in Private” video, you will learn in more detail about the Lotus Flower ancient spiritual practice described in the book “Sensei. The Primordial of Shambhala” by Anastasia Novykh, and the experience of mastering it through the deepest feelings.

You will see a wonderful associative illustration of the processes taking place when the Lotus Flower practice is performed. Also, the video hosts will tell you about finds in history, archaeology and literature which impressed them. It turns out that mentions of this spiritual practice were found many millennia ago. For example, by means of this practice, Buddha, Omar Khayyam and Imhotep achieved enlightenment. Moreover, the hosts share their experience of performing this practice and the internal phenomena they encountered while performing it. In any case, this episode will be helpful to a person for whom spiritual development and self-perfection is important. It will serve as a new turn in self-development and help you expand your worldview and come to know your inner spiritual world.

You can find a description of ancient spiritual practices and meditations, as well as recommendations on how to perform them, in the book AllatRa.


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