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Love is infinite and energy is endless | Physicist Davor Pavuna about Creative Society

Dear friends! In this program, meet a world known physicist Prof. Dr. Davor Pavuna, President of Tesla World Foundation from Zagreb, Croatia.

In the interview with Prof. Davor we discuss the following exciting topics:

– How can we build a beautiful world of harmony and mutual respect among all people?
– Is the world without wars and conflicts possible? What is the source of conflicts and what lies are used to manipulate people?
– Is energy infinite and why don’t we use modern technologies to help each other in developing our society and science in a creative way?
– What did Prophets teach us and why don’t we follow their words?

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Let’s build a Creative Society for us and our children together and inform people about this chance to do it!

Watch the third international online-conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets dreamed of“.


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