Love leads you

What is that – the feeling that in the songs called love? .. How to name it, that, which so sweetly calls out the soul? It was like an opening to Elke. To all the people she could now say: I know, I know from now on, love is tenderness and purity! Tenderness, which is stronger than death!

Oles Gonchar, “The Cathedral”

When love comes to the heart, as if a veil falls down, an illusory veil that separated you from the whole world. Even the air becomes so soft, soaked with tenderness and responsiveness – that which unites everything. All people are so dear! How could I not see this until now? Why did not I feel the tenderness that is in the air? Now I understand why in ancient times true love was associated with the feminine beginning. This maternal sense of care and custody is necessary for all and everyone. This is an inexplicable sense of responsibility for every person. This is the desire to help, understand, justify, not criticize and condemn. This is sympathy, which replaces the accusation. It is the need to love, which in the end conquers such a habitual desire to dominate, to feel superiority over someone.

Once I wrote in my diary: “What word is written from the smallest letter? Love”. This is true. After all, love is always ready to give. It’s the joy of giving yourself. Is not that what God is teaching us? Is this not the basis of Life?

“Ability to love is above the ability to win.” (From the article “The Primary Role of Women in Society: Destroying Stereotypes about Matriarchy”)

For many people, eager to return to the Father’s House, an invaluable gift was the output of the program “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive. ” The first thing that occurred in my head after the completion of viewing this program was the words: “I never imagined that I would become a witness of such …”. Not even a witness, but a participant! What God gives us, always surpasses what we hoped for. In this program I heard very important words for myself:

The practical path to God is the path of your inner feelings and actions. This is a very important point – it is action. That is, you do not sit, do not expect that someone will come, give something to you, but you act, you just express your feelings, you love, you stay in this feeling every day. You express your intentions with feelings, you express it in the moment “here and now”. And this is your personal life – this is the life of the Personality. This is very different from the personal life that your consciousness knows and also makes you suffer from thoughts, makes you think about the external … Because in these moments of deep joy you realize that your Spirit is not enslaved, that your Spirit is above intellect. You understand that Spirit is free, and you understand that its power is in Love. You understand that the deep self-expression of your endless Love – this is the practical way to God, and this is in practice the most important thing.

(From the program “Consciousness and Personality: From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive“)

So, this is the main action of any person who is on the spiritual path: the expression of his boundless love. Love for God, for everything. This is the most intimate, most tremulous, most sincere action that happens in a person’s life. This is the very mystery of being in yourself, in the boundless depths of your Soul, in God … The sacrament of conception, development and birth of the spiritual fruit, invisible for the eyes of the idle, for the eyes of the gross, but noticeable for the entire Spiritual world and for everyone who is indwelling in Him!

At one time, I could not realize the very essence of the concept of “deep feelings”. I talked a lot about them, heard and read about them as well. So much that the consciousness began to draw something beyond the bounds, transcendental, supernatural. I was trying to feel them all in such a way that there would be no longer any doubt: i.e. – yes, here are they, deep feelings, and this is a bomb! :) It was until one day when a simple realization came to me that the deep feelings are the love of God that was born in me long before I first heard this phrase. Love is sincere, honest, real, not blown away by the first gust of wind. And this love has been leading me for many years. It leads to the point of unfolding in me even deeper, even more fully. This love is always with me, does not leave me. Even though I have not yet learned to be as faithful to it, allow myself sometimes to be distracted to the outside, to forget about it, but Love believes in me anyway. It has already settled, lives in me, I know this. It is the one who protects me, supports, prompts, cared for me, like a mother’s beloved child. It is my guide. And, I’m sure, many people who read these lines feel the same way.

Look at your life, the events that take place in it, and you will clearly see that all life, all the random and expected events in it, are built around that deep feeling that once was born inside of you. This is the core on which all pages of your life are strung, all the twists and turns of fate from the moment you let love into your heart. Love leads you.

To feel love forever, you need once and for all to make a very firm decision: to love, no matter what.

Archpriest Pavel Gumerov

Consciousness separates deep feelings and love, God and love. Very clever and skillful. In such a way that the term “deep feelings” was simply a term. So that God will remain great and omnipotent, but somewhere high in the sky, not love that you know, which you feel, that fills you right now. This love lives deep within you, but it is not separable from that familiar life that you live. Love is woven into life and spread to everyone. Now all your reactions to external stimuli seem to be relaxed, since you are more focused on cultivating inner love than on any twists and turns of the passing day. And there is no more deceit from the consciousness that deep feelings, God, love – it’s all separate. You understand that all this is about one thing. This is the sacrament of your inner life. All this here and now, and not that it will come and make you happy one day. All this is in simplicity; without pathos, heroism and striving for heroic deed. All this in gratitude to God.

After all, how can you thank your Father for the most precious gift of Him – Life? Live and let live to others. To love, no matter what. And whatever happens in life, no matter how cruel and unfair reality seems to be, no matter how fate tempts, it is necessary to remember:

A father cannot hate his son, He can only love him.

Anastasia Novykh, “Sensei of Shambala, Book I

Author: Valentin Radonev

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