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Mages in Temples

Faith, temples, religions… What meaning do we put in these concepts? What is their impact on our life? After all, not every parishioner knows that temples are actively used by mages and sorcerers for their own purposes.

  • What happens on an invisible level when people gather for services in temples?
  • What do people ask for in their prayers and to whom are their requests for material things actually addressed?
  • What price does a person pay when they turn to mages for help?
  • Why do people mix up the concepts of spiritual work on themselves and the desire for material wealth?

Epochs are changing, but the influence of magic and magical rituals on people, including parishioners in temples, is only growing. Yet, do we understand what this leads to in the end and what the meaning and purpose of our own life is?

Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “About Magic” 

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