Magic and Psychology. What Do They Have in Common? Psychology. Discovering the Truth

  • Visualization. Or how does psychology differ from magic?
  • Have you ever wondered what methods modern psychology uses?
  • Where did these methods come from?
  • What are their results and are there any side effects?

When choosing a specialist to solve your problem, you should think and ask yourself at least these questions!

What for? So that you won’t regret the result!

If you conduct a quick comparative analysis of methods that are used in psychology and in magic, you can find a lot in common! But how did it happen?

  • And who borrows from whom: do magicians borrow from psychologists or psychologists from magicians?
  • Or is there, perhaps, a single source from where all these “specialists” take their knowledge?

Human life is a priceless gift and it should be treated with extreme care!

This episode of “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” looks into visualization methods in psychology.

  • Can visualization be considered a safe tool? Or should it be banned altogether?
  • How can the Creative Society solve most mental health problems of humanity?

There are still a fair number of gaps in psychology that do not help effectively resolve requests from people.

So, friends, let’s together figure out the current issues and discover the Truth together!

Send your questions and suggestions to the project email at and write them in the comments below the video.

Video “Consciousness and Personality. From the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive

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