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Nowadays it is almost impossible not to notice global climate change on all continents. Snow with hail falling in the deserts, unexpected fire burning down hundreds of acres of forest, devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano eruptions – all these cataclysms shake our Earth on a daily basis, leaving thousands of people without shelter. Wildfires in Indonesia and Argentina, earthquakes in Chile, Mexico and Iran, volcano eruptions in Japan, USA and Thailand – these are only a tiny part of the global map of disasters.

Most of us have heard about or have been to the Yellowstone National Park. But how many know what a serious daily threat the awoken and now active Yellowstone supervolcano represents?! While we are blithely buying food at a grocery store and dreaming about our next vacation, this enormous caldera (55×72 km), basically starting at the beginning of the 21st century, began to show signs of fast growing activity. Recent rapid increase in the number of earthquakes and their magnitude in this area are nowadays a matter of serious concern to scientists.

It’s difficult to even imagine global consequences that could be caused by an eruption of this 4000 square kilometers giant! This catastrophe of continental scale will affect not only United States of America and Canada – it will trigger another ice age in the whole world! You can find more details on this in the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”.

An astonishing video ‘It is coming‘ was released. Participants revealed scientific facts about upcoming, in the near future, climate disasters in Italy, China, Japan and USA! Igor Danilov sincerely advised people around the world not only to avoid making long-term investments in these countries, but also to start reconsidering their understanding of true values of the Humanity. Being humane and caring are the only things that can help us to survive in the forthcoming inevitable cataclysms. Only united together as one international family can we help and support each other under difficult conditions!

After all, it seems to us that all these terrifying events happen somewhere far away and won’t affect us. When we hear news about human tragedies, it makes us feel only pity at best – we think that those people are just unlucky and at the same time, we are secretly happy that it didn’t happen to us. Let’s just try to imagine for a moment how those families feel to be left on the street with little kids without house or any shelter?! Without food, clothes and many other things that were bought and saved up for years. How do people who have lost their dear ones feel? Only those who has common experience can understand and sympathize. But we need to change this situation.

Day in and day out, we carelessly live our lives and consider different situations and problems in life as something very serious.  Trivial things on a daily basis create an impression that our lives are unbearable. “If you want to change the World – start with yourself” – says ancient folk wisdom. And kids know this truth well – they always smile and feel happy about almost everything they see around. And they are right! Try at least for one day to smile at your neighbors, people on the street and at work, don’t be too shy to say “thank you” on the street or in shops, try helping someone out in any small way during the day. Trust me, you’ll be amazed how fast the world around you and your life in general will change for the better!

Considering the global situation in the world in areas of climate, economics, education, culture and overall values of humanity – it’s high time for people to unite on the basis of unique Knowledge, given in the “AllatRa” book, written by modern writer Anastasia Novykh. Don’t wait for a natural disaster to also affect your family – we need to become real humans already today in our everyday lives! We all need to start with ourselves – by controlling the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds. If everyone produces just a small portion of love and kindness on a daily basis and shares it with others, then very quickly, we will become one big international family and the principles of humanity, mutual respect and sincerity will reign in our society once again!

Video ‘It is coming’

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