Primordial physics

Manage no one but manage yourself. Jagadish Chandra Bose (from the series “The Real Man in Science”)

Anyway, sooner or later, a true scientist will get to such scientific horizons where it won’t be possible to use the existing supports, on which the whole chain of human reasoning rests.

(AllatRa, A. Novykh)

Recently I got acquainted with the report “PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS“, prepared by the international research group ALLATRA SCIENCE. This report opened for me a whole new world of physics in its true sense. The report provides answers to many, until now unresolved physics issues. Complex scientific concepts are explained in simple and accessible language. But most importantly, in my opinion, the report answers the actual question of modern times – what is the true meaning of human existence and what is the world that surrounds us, why it is important in any situations, and first of all, in science to be a Real Human.

Many scientists have sought answers to these questions for centuries. But it is surprising that today science has come to a standstill. It seemed to be separated from society, forgetting its original goal – the search for Truth. The scientific process has acquired a consumeristic approach, in which ambitions, selfishness and personal prestige of scientists have become higher than universal concepts.

But, nevertheless, there are some people in the history who sincerely worked for the good of society, who were guided first of all by the spiritual and moral basis. The question is – why in most countries the majority of teachers in schools and universities, following the system program, do not focus on such examples of people in whom the best human qualities prevailed over everything else? After all, in fact, this is a good example for students, future scientists, what should the Human of Science in a humane society be. In the education system, on the contrary, the names of a very limited number of scientists have been promoted (if you noticed, for some reason, mostly those who come from Cambridge University, Trinity College, etc., as if there are no other scientists and similar discoveries in the world), that do not have the best human qualities based on their biographies. This question is more of a note to conscientious teachers who are still able to correct the situation that has arisen, by their honest work, imperceptible at first glance, but playing an important role in the formation of the future society.

In the report “PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS“, I found one of such remarkable scientists, who in his life was guided, first of all, by spiritual and moral basis. This prompted me to learn more about this man.

Jagadish Chandra Bose (November 30, 1858 – November 23, 1937) was truly an amazing, versatile person, an outstanding scientist, encyclopedist, physicist, biophysicist, biologist, botanist, archeologist, and writer. The modern world knows Bose as one of the creators of radio, as well as the founder in the field of microwave optics. In addition to that, the scientist made a significant contribution to the science of plants, founded the funds of experimental science in India. He is called a pioneer in the field of biophysics and experimental research of plant physiology.

As a young man, after day work, which he carried out with great conscientiousness, on deep nights Bose conducted researches. All the earnings from his day job he used to buy equipment for experiments. And even being a teacher at the Presidential College in India, when in connection with the political situation, Indian professors paid much less than the European ones, Bose truly showed decent moral qualities. In protest of this division, the scientist refused to receive salary and worked for three years without any payments. Bose was not interested in money and fame, his main goal was science, and the benefit that it can give to people.

Jagadish Chandra Bose never sought to obtain commercial benefits from his inventions. He openly published his work to allow other researchers to further develop his ideas. The scientist denied any form of patenting out of moral considerations, although due to the pressure of his colleagues, he had to patent one of his inventions. Now, after many decades, his contribution to science is universally recognized.

The spiritual side of the personality of Bose, his deep understanding of life, is also striking. In 1917, in his key note speech at the opening of the Bose Institute, he said:
“… It is forgotten that He, who surrounded us with this ever-evolving mystery of creation, the ineffable wonder that lies hidden in the microcosm of the ‘dust particle’, enclosing within the intricacies of its atomic form all the mystery of the cosmos, has also implanted in us the desire to question and understand… “


It is interesting that Bose was inspired by his father who wanted his son to “ruled no one but to control himself.” As could be seen from the life and work of Chandra Bose, the scientist sincerely adhered to the wisdom of his father, showing in his work, above all, humanity and care for people.

If there were more such remarkable scientists as Jagadish Chandra Bose in society, our civilization would be at a completely different level of development. After all, a lot depends on the scientist as a person and first of all, the spiritual and moral component. After all, people of science set a special vector that directs society towards spiritual and moral development or pushes people towards consumerism and personal gain. It means that each of us, no matter what profession we are in, need to be a Human and live, first of all, for the common good. After all, every person seeks to live in a society in which spiritual and moral values ​​prevail, in a society in which the notions of “kindness”, “philanthropy” and “honor” are alive. And we are able create such a society now. Changing for the better, doing good deeds and helping others, each person drives himself and society as a whole to the realization of the original design, for which our world exists.

Margarita Astakhova

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