Manifestations of the Invisible World on Roads. How to Protect Yourself and Your Dear Ones from Accidents. A Road Experiment

Greetings, dear friends! We would like to devote today’s article to such a phenomenon as traffic accidents that occur due to influence of the invisible world on consciousness of road users: drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

By influence of the invisible world we understand such phenomena that, by means of thoughts, pictures, various visual and auditory hallucinations, incite people to inadequate and unconscious actions leading to various kinds of accidents and tragedies on the road. We would like to add that all people face such phenomena in one way or another. But in this article we are talking about what is happening on motor roads. Since all of this works as a single whole, for common designation let’s call it the system.

A system (ancient Greek σύστημα meaning whole, composed of parts, combination) is a set of elements that are in relations and connections with each other, which forms a certain integrity, unity, serving a single goal.

As it has already been mentioned above, the components of this system are pictures and thoughts. Giving attention to pictures and thoughts in our head leads to certain emotional states which a person is going through. Let’s give a simple illustrative example of how this works in everyday life. Imagine: you are in good mood, life is wonderful, and suddenly, for no reason at all, a flashback thought has come to you of how someone offended you when you were a child, or that you lent money and didn’t get it back, or suddenly a picture of tragic death of you or your relatives flashes into your head. As a rule, these memories or pictures push, so to say, “on red buttons” in human psyche. It’s as if these thoughts “know” how they can “strike a nerve” and spoil our mood. As a result, you immediately have severe emotional states: resentment, anger, fear, a feeling that you’ve been badly treated, and so on. Also, one of important elements in operation of the system is desire. It doesn’t have to be obviously destructive, no. But, as all of us know, if you want something, but have no opportunity to implement it, then it also acts destructively. Instantly, our wonderful state will change to negative. If you observe these mental attacks, while you can’t call them otherwise, you can see that they are clearly systematic and, as a rule, accurately hit the target. The purpose of operation of this system is connected with energy replenishment of itself by means of human vital energy. Emotions are precisely the kind of transport by which “pumping” of vital energy from a human being to the system and its feeding is carried out. All these attacks in a person’s consciousness are aimed at making him more emotional, and, therefore, at forcing him to feed the system more.

Returning to all sorts of “abnormal” accidents on the road, we want to share with you not just a description of such cases, but also to suggest an effective way to help make motor traffic safer, preserve many human lives, and avoid tragedies. This method is directly related to physics of the invisible world which is so far unexplored by us. But we constantly face the influence of this world on our lives. A new impetus to thorough research of these phenomena from a scientific point of view has become the publication in April 2015 of a report on the fundamentals of the invisible world structure –  PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS. As stated in the report itself, nothing new is presented for humanity therein. This Knowledge was available to the people of our civilisation before, but unfortunately, due to human stupidity, it has been lost over time. This report is what modern physics is lacking now so much in order to make a qualitative step forward in its development beyond the quantum limit.

Today, society has accumulated a great number of documented facts about manifestations of the invisible world. In turn, an initiative group of participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement has created and is actively developing a series of programmes covering examples of operation of the invisible world. One of the first basic programmes, in which many issues are raised and extensive explanations of some paranormal phenomena are given, is THE INVISIBLE WORLD programme with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. It may be said without exaggeration that this programme will be useful to everyone. Moreover, its huge part is devoted to how to work on oneself in order to minimise the impact of the often hostile invisible world on a person. How to live peacefully and joyfully, go to bed without fear, and eventually stop being mere food for various invisible creatures that energetically empty a person, taking vital energy from him, and sometimes life itself. Answers to these questions in detail are given in THE INVISIBLE WORLD programme.

But let’s go back to the topic of our article – accidents on motor roads. After all, a road is a place where everything is not always so simple and straightforward. There are concrete anomalous places on the road, with a high accident rate, where, regardless of whether the traffic rules are respected or not, for unexplained, at first glance, reasons, major accidents occur, often with a tragic ending. As drivers themselves say, it’s an “enchanted place”. If you look at statistics of traffic accidents, it turns out that on certain sections of the road, in one and the same place, meter in meter, accidents occur. How can this be? Why, for example, is the number of the same accidents distributed unevenly? It’s clear that there are objective factors. We will not, so to say, blamed everything to mysticism. But there are areas where there are no visible complications and obstacles, whereas he number of accidents is constant. Certainly, compliance with the traffic rules significantly reduces the total number of accidents, which leads to preservation of human lives and material resources. But there are moments that so far go beyond the understanding of modern science and, unfortunately, cannot be resolved solely by observance of the traffic regulations. And this is not due to a car malfunction or other objective factors. But this is due to the influence of the invisible world on a person’s consciousness. This person should not necessarily be a driver, because accidents don’t always happen because of a driver’s error. Often drivers complain about people who thoughtlessly cross the road in places not intended for this, practically throwing themselves under the car wheels. There is an impression that they don’t wait for a free moment to cross the road, but look for a convenient opportunity to fall directly under a moving car. Sometimes it may be seen that some unknown force “throws” a person forward, pushing him so that exactly now he would begin to run across the road. A special place is occupied by automobile suicides, when a driver, for no reason at all, moves to the oncoming lane or sends the car to the ditch, not realising what he’s doing. As a rule, at this time in the car, besides him, there are other people who become hostages of the situation. All this is a result of the influence of invisible forces on human consciousness.

Thanks to the Knowledge given in the AllatRa book, in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report, and in the programmes with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, information is being again disclosed to humanity about something that constantly affects our life, but is invisible to the eye.

Let’s consider these cases in more detail, from the standpoint of the general laws governing the operation of the system. We are sure that many drivers are familiar with such situations when, for no reason at all, one wants to press the gas pedal in a stream of cars, rush through a red light, perform inadequate actions on the road, perform deliberately dangerous overtaking, travel through railway crossings after a traffic light prohibiting sign and a warning loud beep. Why is this happening? If you ask about it the drivers who behaved this way, often they are unable to explain exactly what made them do that. Many people explain such behaviour by the fact that they were inattentive. Those who were driving too fast, as they say, were “on courage”, felt a state of omnipotence and excessive self-confidence, a kind of ostentatious heroism, often in a sharply emotional state! It’s not uncommon for a person to get into an accident after a conflict at work or at home.

Often in such situations drivers have auditory and visual hallucinations, during which they simply don’t see moving cars, don‘t notice people or obstacles on the road. Psychologists explain this by the fact that in such a stressful state attention is weakened, body motility slows down, and reaction worsens.

But what really happens? Why is it not recommended for drivers to get into an emotional, excited state behind the wheel? But on the contrary, to be as calm as possible while driving? Because the activator for performing dangerous actions on the road is always a thought or a picture that causes an emotion. Often this thought or picture is aimed at pushing a person to commit deliberately dangerous actions or, vice versy, to enter into a complete stupor, forcing him or her to just stand idle in the moment when it’s necessary to act.

If a thought can push a person behind the wheel to commit certain actions, often leading to a negative outcome, then we want to ask questions: who controls thoughts that come to our mind? Why are emotional states really so dangerous for all of us?

As we all know thanks to the AllatRa book, a person doesn’t produce thoughts, they come to him “from the outside”. This field structure which forms such thoughts was called differently at different times. In the modern world, its name is the system, the unified information field, the animal mind system, before, and even now, often the word devil is used, all these are epithets of one and the same thing. Its essence lies in the tacit, secret control of people’s behaviour by means of pictures, thoughts and emotions that are imposed on human consciousness. The main focus is on basic, animal instincts of a human. The goal is to push him to an appropriate, predetermined model of behaviour, and in the crowd – to the behaviour of people as herds of animals, which was and is still being skillfully used in controlling the masses at various collective events.

Every person as a Personality is able to observe the work of his or her consciousness, although for this one needs to practice a little. Unfortunately, since childhood we have not been told about the dual nature of human, about the spiritual and animal components. About who really thinks inside us. That a person doesn’t generate thoughts, but simply observes how his brain (consciousness) is working. And that he has an opportunity to choose between those or other thoughts! And, certainly, they don’t say that a human being as Personality can develop perception through feelings. Growing up, many people feel that they are being controlled at some “inner”, invisible level. This is expressed in inner tightness, a lack of lightness and tranquility, an endless stream of thoughts that cannot be stopped. But without knowledge there is no way to understand what is actually happening to them. While the key is hidden in the fact that a human doesn’t generate thoughts, he observes them, and then simply chooses one or the other that he liked, invests attention in it, and only then it all turns into a specific action or just remains at the level of thought.

So, what danger does an emotional state conceal in itself? The point is that a person is no longer an observer of what consciousness offers to him, and in the state of being “glued” with it he executes commands that come to his head directly from the system, without thinking,without critical appraisal and analysis. The person stops observing the work of thoughts in his head. He regards everything that happens in it as his own and often uses that as tips, listens to his “inner voice”. Such identification of himself with thoughts deprives a person of critical analysis of his actions and the right of choice. Indeed, at the moment when a person as Personality gets “glued together” with his consciousness, he falls under the control of the animal mind system which directs him. Why have we used such a notion as the animal mind system? Because this system controls the behaviour of animals. We can observe it in nature. On the example of the life of ants, bees, herd animals, flocks of birds. We can see how animals, without agreeing, jointly perform accurate actions without a visible leader. But, in fact, a leader does exist at the invisible level. In science, it is called the collective (animal) mind. On this topic a great number of scientific works has accumulated. This is especially interesting to observe on the example of the life of insects, when creatures that don’t possess a developed brain and consciousness, that don’t graduate from any universities, are well “aware” of various applied disciplines. They together coherently perform various actions which support the life of their colony. Starting from pretty complicated buildings and up to distribution of labour. They have neither bosses nor planning meetings, but they do everything accurately and competently.

Since human is dual in nature, in order to control him, he must be brought into the state of an animal. As soon as a person immerses in an emotional state, he begins to behave like an animal, being guided by instincts. After all, the person’s body, just like his consciousness, are the body and consciousness of an animal. While the person as Personality is the one who is enclosed in it. Being in an emotional state, road users commit actions that often lead to a tragic finale.

Human consciousness as a field structure is influenced by various kinds of invisible factors. This influence can manifest itself in such disruptions in the work of consciousness as sudden drowsiness, substitution of reality (auditory and voice hallucinations). Everyone has observed such states in oneself. Experiencing some situation emotionally, you keep thinking about it, especially while driving. The state is as if an autopilot is switched on, and the person’s entire attention is shifted to an internal dispute, to proving something to an interlocutor who’s not near at the moment. This is a widespread phenomenon. But most often such a “substitution of reality” is experienced by people who are in the areas of geomagnetic faults. However, not geomagnetic anomalies themselves affect human consciousness, but those parasitic creatures that live in this area due to favourable conditions. This may be compared to the fact that on the remnants of food forgotten in the kitchen cockroaches appear, and they can carry various kinds of infections that will cause different diseases, affecting the quality of human life. But while cockroaches are visible, and we know what we should do to drive them out, then what we are talking about now is invisible. It doesn’t feed on sausage and bread, and it cannot be destroyed with all kinds of poisons and traps.

Yet, what does it feed on? On emotions! Both “positive” and negative. Why have we put the word positive in quotes? Because we often align a calm, joyful inner state with emotional positivity caused by a state of euphoria, excessive self-confidence, gladness due to implementation of a desire or anticipation of its implementation. But these states are fundamentally different by internal content. While calm positivity is long-lasting, and it fills a person with peace, joy and happiness, the emotional positivity, on the contrary, is short-lived, often bright and devastating, almost always replaced by a depressive state.

Being behind the wheel and during accidents, people get involved emotionally more than enough. Emotions are just running high! Starting from hatred, anger, fear, and up to envy about the fact that someone is driving a better car than mine. And what an outburst of emotions occurs during a fatal accident? A huge amount of them are released at the time of the death of the body. For these invisible creatures it’s a real feast. That’s why they get connected to people’s consciousness and start controlling them in order to provoke more of such situations. And if a person is accustomed to consider himself consciousness, then naturally he will be controlled by such creatures.

Post-accident situations occupy a special place in all this. A person who has survived such an accident may experience a feeling of fear from the coming memories of it for a long time. Moreover, a large number of people connect to it emotionally when driving past the accident site where everything is still “fresh” as they say . After seeing an unpleasant picture of what has happened, frightening pictures and thoughts about it might come to their mind for a long time: what if I would get into such a situation? Naturally, a sense of fear is provided. And again, the system is eating! It is like after having a tasty lunch, you want sunflower seeds and eat them with great pleasure.

How can you resist this? The answer suggests itself: stop being emotional and be as calm and attentive as possible on the road! What else can you do? The AllatRa book gives knowledge about the influence of signs on the visible and the invisible worlds. There are negative and positive signs. In our case, we will focus on the AllarRa sign. It looks like this:

Its application can be used in two different ways. To stimulate the spiritual component, a black sign on a white background is used; while to suppress negativity from the invisible world, a white sign on a black background is applied. We have evidence from people who have begun to place the AllatRa sign at home, in the office, at workplace. A positive trend has been noticed. The number of conflicts has decreased, the atmosphere in a team has improved. It is surely pointless to rely only on the work of signs, if a person doesn’t control his thoughts and states. As written in the AllatRa book,

“Still, the main effect of the sign rests on the human choice. If the Spiritual nature predominates in a person, this sign influences him as additional spiritual power. That is, the sign comes into a kind of resonance and strengthens the creating spiritual power of the person.”

However, let’s go back to motor roads. In this article, we would like to suggest to everyone who’s not indifferent, and who wants to contribute to the reduction of various kinds of accidents caused by influence of the invisible world, to conduct a scientific experiment. The idea of the experiment is to place the AllatRa sign – the white sign on a black background – as a road sign on sections of the road with an increased accident rate. It would be good to specify the number of incidents in this area  before and after the sign placement, in order to determine how the number of accidents will change. Also, placing the AllatRa sign at hazardous production facilities may reduce the number of injuries received. The initiative group has proposed to create a special road map and mark abnormal places with high number of accidents on it. It will warn drivers. Knowing the location of such places on the road, people will be more vigilant, which will also protect both drivers and pedestrians. We also kindly ask everyone who’s not indifferent to this problem to send locations of such places to our email address. In the subject line, please, write: “Dangerous places on the road”, thank you.

Anyone who is interested in this topic, and who wants to help us conduct the experiment, please, send your letters to the ALLATRA Vesti mail: In the subject line, please, write: “Reduction of road accidents”. Every tragedy on the road is something that everyone would like to avoid. And if there is a possibility that our joint actions may lead to a positive outcome and, as a result of this, to a decrease in the number of human victims, it means that we are obliged to try. After all, in fact, together we can do a lot!

ALLATRA Vesti team

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