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Medicine of the future. Robots are replacing doctors today

The future has come. Already today, robots are saving human lives and replacing medical teams. They have the experience of thousands of the world’s best specialists embedded in them by their developers. Is there a place for a human here?

Robots do intake tests, perform high-precision diagnostics, and perform complex surgical operations. These technologies, in combination with nanorobots and 3d printing of organs, bring modern medicine to a new level.

The widespread use of robots and AI in medicine will cause the doctors, who saved our lives yesterday, to lose their jobs, and thus their livelihoods. The reason for this is the consumer format of modern society, in which money, not human life, comes first.

Only in the Creative Society, in which the life of each person is the main thing, technologies will work for people, but not against them.

Technology will change our world. But it depends on us what kind of change it will be.

Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone” | International online conference on July 24, 2021.


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