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“On Being Sane in Insane Places.”

A bold experiment in 1973 conducted by an American psychologist David Rosenhan set the checkmate and mate of the diagnostic methods of psychiatry. Fifty years ago he experimentally managed to show to the whole world the failure of psychiatry as a science.

  • And what do we end up with after the twice-confirmed experiment?
  • Has anything changed in the methods of diagnosing mental illness?
  • Has science revised its postulates?
  • What conclusion have experts reached?
  • And why are we now observing a surge in mental illness?
  • What triggered the mentally ill came to run society?
  • Is there any chance to live in a healthy society?

Find the answers to these and other questions in the new episode of Psychology. Discovering the Truth project.

There are still a fair number of gaps in psychology that do not help effectively resolve requests from people.
So, friends, let’s together figure out the current issues and together discover the Truth!

Send your questions and suggestions to the mail of the project 

Video “Consciousness and Personality. From the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive” 

Video “What Everyone Is Silent About”


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