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Mysteries of the Ancient World. Megaliths | Kaleidoscope of Facts #21

Magnificent megaliths have always attracted people’s attention. For what purpose did the ancients leave them as a legacy for us? What is the true role of megaliths in anticipation of planetary disaster?

On April 13, 2022, let’s look behind the curtain of history together with scientists and volunteers who have collected interesting facts about megaliths and not only.

  • Megaliths on Earth that don’t fit into modern history. Megaliths on other planets
  • Artifacts indicating the existence of other civilizations on Earth
  • Location of megalithic structures in relation to fractures.
  • Influence of megaliths on people and Earth. Pyramids, dolmens, temple complexes, cromlechs, menhirs.
  • Earth as a living organism. Human-Earth interaction through megaliths
  • Signs and drawings on megaliths. Traces of nuclear disasters on Earth. Why it’s important to know history. Cyclicity

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