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Native American Prophecies of the End Times | Gerald Auger

All of the ancient scriptures contain references to the End Times. And what do the Native American Scriptures say?

“So the End Times for us is the beginning of a new world, the beginning of love and light.
But it’s through this time of chaos [that] it’s showing the world that it’s going to fall to its knees to come to understand that they have forgotten their higher power and that we all have to come together under the sacred Tree of Life and Love, Light, Unity and Healing. That’s how we’ve always known this…” says Gerald Auger, indigenous honorary, storyteller and spiritual leader.

As part of the Kaleidoscope of Facts research project, we will learn:

  • About the four-directional human beings.
  • When is the time of great change for humanity?
  • Do Native Americans have information about the One who will come and renew the Knowledge?
  • When will the Divine Feminine return to Earth?
  • What is the Creator’s law?
  • Who does the future depend on?
  • Who demonized spiritual values and beliefs of Native Americans?
  • What is the power of unity?
  • About the seven sacred laws.
  • What values must be nurtured in society?

“Life of the Worthiest | Kaleidoscope of Facts 24” 



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