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Near-Death Experiences | Scientific Research

Why are all near-death experiences remarkably similar regardless of a person’s gender, age, education, location, religious affiliation, or other factors?

Experts in this field share the results of their research: the world-famous cardiologist from the Netherlands Pim van Lommel, radiation oncologist Jeffrey Long and neurosurgeon Eben Alexander from the USA.

The сonsumerist format of society, in which we have existed for 6,000 years, associates a human with his body. But it turns out that each of us is primarily a spirit, and there is scientific evidence and proof of this in all the religions of the world.

So let’s build a world where the spiritual side of life will prevail over the material, where people can find their true meaning in life. To learn more about the Creative Society and to join, please visit:

“Life After Death. Fiction and Facts” | International Online Conference of May 22, 2021

“Subpersonality” | Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

“The Power of Attention | Kaleidoscope of Facts 25”


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