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New Knowledge in the report PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS

New Knowledge in the report PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS

You are a student or a young scientist? And are searching for grain of knowledge in various sciences? Or maybe you are a regular human being and are striving to cognize yourself and the surrounding world? Then this is just the information for you. A unique historical moment has come! International group of scientists AllatRa has united for the sake of humanity’s future and has made a breakthrough in the studies of a human being and Universe as a whole. Today, the group decided to publish the report on PRIMORDIAL PHYSICS. In this way, offering a unique opportunity to the international community to get acquainted with the results of its long standing work. Because knowledge should serve the public and not just the elite.

The report PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS reveals answers about the following topics: about the birth, structure and evolution of the Universe, about the periodicity of the of its death and rebirth, about the dark matter, about the structure of visible and invisible world, about a human being, his multidimensional energy structure in the invisible world and its true abilities and also about the main power and the most important component of t a human being – Spiritual Nature. Don’t waste any time, read it now. This should be known by everyone.

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