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Benefits for a Human in the Creative Society

What will be the benefits for a human in the nearest future, after building the Creative Society? How fast will the social structure of society, the human habitat and people’s everyday life change, taking into account the newest discoveries in physics that will ensure every person’s access to free energy and management of the microworld? An instantaneous skill. How will the time of human life be valued? How will a person independently provide himself with everything he needs by pushing a single button? Why will household and other waste of the present-day civilization be more valuable than gold in the future?

Discoveries for people: science at the service of a human in the Creative Society. Under what conditions will “forbidden discoveries” be used for the benefit of humanity? One language that unites all people. Evolutionary discoveries in healthcare of the future after building the Creative Society: prolongation of human life beyond the species limit, special apparatuses that enable a person to independently correct his health, change his appearance as he desires, and so on.

A world without wars. Why will crime disappear? Military super technologies of the future: “vajra” and “the eye of God”, which will devalue all modern weapons and turn them into useless metal scrap. By means of what technologies will people be able not only to survive in space, but also to successfully colonize new planets suitable for living?

Change conditions — and everything will change!

Creative Society: the Prospect of Civilization
Creative Society Unites Everyone

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