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In times of crises and global changes, it is important to find common solutions that would bring maximum benefit to everyone and result in the survival of humanity as a whole in the face of global climate change on the planet. What can be said to a true Friend in these difficult times? The truth about the world as it is, calling things by their proper names. The truth of how to cope with your consciousness (its doubts, hatred and deceit). The truth of how to become happy, how to become Alive! The truth, which will sweep away all the illusory contrivances of the consumerist format of society and open its pustules, its animal essence. The truth that will open people’s hearts to God’s Love and focus their attention on unity, brotherhood and friendship! The truth that will reveal (not to everyone) the Verity that can change the whole world. But in what direction this Knowledge will change the world entirely depends on people, on their inner mature choice whom to serve: the Spiritual World or the Darkness of their consciousness.

Stop being hostages to the lies of the consumerist format system. Everything starts with YOU, with your choice, with your word, with your action! The future begins with the awakening of your Conscience and your decision, free from the oppression of the system.

Climate Threats. Variants for Survival 

CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive 

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