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Not to Miss One’s Opportunities

Why do people who are on the spiritual path, regardless of religious affiliation, complain that they lose their experience as soon as they get distracted a little bit by some life situation, whatever it may be: a car broke down, a neighbor came and told them something, or they watched a movie. And after a certain period of time, a person feels that his entire spiritual experience which he was overflowing with, that God’s Love which was just boiling in him, it has all disappeared. There is emptiness and a lack of understanding inside. Consciousness says, “You don’t have any experience,” “Everything was false,” “You were simply deluded.” The thing is that our consciousness is unable to acquire spiritual experience, but it can gain religious fanaticism. The spiritual path is incessant work, it is indeed hard and serious work. But at the same time, it is hard only at the initial steps. This may be associatively compared to sports, for example, boxing. Let’s analyze why people join this sport, devote their lives to it, and lose their health.

An aspiration to become superior and better than others, meaning, what we perceive as an aspiration to rise above others, actually originates from Personality as an aspiration to gain Life eternal and to escape from this world. However, our demon interprets this aspiration as an attempt to rise above other people in our material world. And it doesn’t matter in what way: to become richer, to become the boss, to gain more authority, or to become a champion among champions. The demon forces us to work so hard and so persistently that, if we worked as hard on the spiritual path, we would become not just Angels, but Archangels during our lifetime.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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