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Oligarchs in Cassocks: How Much Does Your Faith Cost?

God and money: what do they have in common? What capitals does the church own? What truth is hidden behind the pious faces of the clergy? This video contains shocking facts about how often religious organizations around the world make deals that contradict spiritual principles.

❓ What happens behind the scenes of religious organizations?
❓ What secrets are kept in the financial flows of different denominations?
❓ Where do entire fortunes given by people to charity disappear?
❓ What is a mandatory tax on faith or the so-called “church tax”?
❓ What are churches in economic terms?

The Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches have the right not to show their income and not to report to governments, yet this doesn’t prevent them from conducting an active business and investment activity. So, what contributes to this⁉️

After watching this video everyone will definitely be able to answer the question: who do the clergy of different denominations really serve: God or mammon?

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