Our future depends on social responsibility of each of us

Text version of the programme “CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Part 4.

(Note, abbreviations in the text: lead Tatiana – T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM)

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Climate problems do not depend on human activity. How can social responsibility of all people in the world help us survive during the global climate change?  Is there any connection between people’s spiritual development and people’s survival? People shift the responsibility to religions, governments, and scientists. But there is a simple question: will they care about us? The world will change when each human stops being afraid of satan in his head and starts telling the truth. Refugees are the reality of today. What awaits us? All movies about catastrophes are only the fairy tales in comparison to reality, which can be. Life is attracted to Life. A positive example of creative activities is ALLATRA IPM. Spiritual help goes to those who live by the rules of the Spiritual World. System is in agony. The Last Day. Social responsibility means to start telling the truth.

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Climate problems do not depend on human activity

T: You know, consciousness really avoids this topic by all means, because…

IM: Certainly, it avoids. And here again, you’ve raised the issue that by 2030 humanity will face problems that won’t be possible to change. Well, let them try to make changes now. If all humanity stops generating, let’s say, CO2, nothing will change.

T: And people note this.

IM: Everything will progress as it progresses now. After all, many of those very scientists whom you’ve mentioned, they understand perfectly well that the human factor in this case is insignificant. Yes, we slightly influence what is actually happening, but only slightly.

After all, the problems that are happening now are caused by completely different processes. It is cyclicity. And it doesn’t depend on people. And no matter what we do now, it will continue. It’s natural. But the question is about the last day: will it be or not. There is still time for people to make a decision. 

Well, again, consciousness will say, “Again time, again scare stories.” No, not scare stories. Nobody scares anyone and… and you shouldn’t be upset about this. You don’t have to listen to us at all. What for? You can live as you lived before, and everything will be just as it was before… But not for long.

People have to take social responsibility but not to shift it 

T: It’s just that, you know, as if a person pins his hopes on someone in these matters, or on religion, that they will save him, yes… This is a very frequent situation, when in order to find a solution to some situation, people simply address God with some kind of an inner cry, ask for help…

IM: But again, what are they asking for? For example, people have gathered in a temple, and there is a directive from consciousness: if they are in a temple, they address God, but they are asking for the material, for the earthly, for the inevitably dead. And here note, people always scream in front of God, but they are silent in front of the devil. Why is this happening? A lot is concealed in this. It’s worth thinking about.

T: Also, a person hopes that the head of the government will save him.

IM: And we’ve talked about this many times, that a person always wants to shift responsibility to someone. But again, the heads of government, are they gods? They are people, just ordinary people. It’s just that these people are endowed with power (because they wanted this power, but they also get responsibility for this power).

But there’s a simple question: who will they care about? Excuse me: about a farmer and about someone who lays asphalt, or about their beloved selves and their close ones? Well, isn’t it so?

T: About themselves, that is, a person is more focused on escaping (but as you’ve said there is nowhere to escape), rather than on solving some issues and uniting with people.

IM: You know, I don’t feel like talking about this, because in reality, well, for people… will it help somehow? It won’t help. While we will tell scare stories about what might happen, but it might not happen. Should we scare people? What for? People should come to God through Love, and not through fear for their skins. That’s the point.

T: You know why this question arises, it seems to me, it’s important to expand on a topic that one shouldn’t shift responsibility for one’s own destiny to those very scientists or to the heads of states, because that’s how the system works. It always seeks (IM: Of course) some kind of mediation (IM: Yes, yes) between a person…

IM: You are right: always and everywhere.

T: It’s just when a person realizes that… everything is in his hands…

IM: Just like a disease, right? A person is sick, and he shifts responsibility onto a doctor. When it doesn’t help, he shifts it onto another doctor, “That doctor is bad”, instead of really changing his lifestyle and stop being ill, right? Well, there are incurable diseases, this is also true. No doctor can  help with diseases that are incurable. And to prevent humanity from an incurable state, what is needed? Preventive measures, first of all. And everyone should be doing this.

Social responsibility means to start telling the truth 

T: You know, what has also surprised me is that on the one hand, a person shifts responsibility to those very scientists, “They do something there, study something, most likely they will help us.”

And at the same time, there was a letter from a climatologist who says, “I’ve faced this problem together with scientists, I sort of understand what’s going to happen, it’s very scary even to assume (IM: …apocalypse) apocalypse, I really don’t want to see either my family, or myself, or the future humanity as kind of a participant of these apocalypse movies… I’m really scared! But everything I do is just working from morning till night…”

IM: But consciousness closes his mouth, too, you see?

T: Yes.

IM: Instead of (T: he avoids) finally ceasing to be afraid of these ghosts in his head, but to actually come out, to stand in front of humanity, and to say, “Guys, but this is really so.” Some are trying, but their mouths are being closed. They are deprived of their careers and everything else for the fact that these people are telling the truth.

But when your choice is the life of your loved ones, your descendants, well, even if a person lives by earthly values. And what are the earthly values? Descendants, right? A person establishes a business, does something, for whom? For children, for grandchildren, for someone else. But what children and grandchildren can be there, even according to the most optimistic estimate? Pardon me, you might see your grandchildren, but as for great-grandchildren – it’s unlikely.

Well, isn’t it so? So what should be done? Remain silent again, because you will be fired or something else, or because they’ll say “you are a sectarian,” or something else? Or stop being afraid and take your scientific evidence, and prove, defend your point of view. Maybe someone will hear. Well, isn’t it so?

T: And when every person in the same way…

IM: And when every person stops fearing satan in his head, but really understands that he has the right to Live, and he does have the right to Live, and when he begins to speak out, then the world will change.

But while everyone keeps sitting and being silent or thinking, “well, yes, I’ll speak out, later… on Monday… the next one. Well, who starts a serious business on Monday? Let’s start… on Saturday. Well, who does anything on Saturday? It’s a day off, after all. I’ll start on Monday!” And it’s like that every time. And then he forgot why he was striving for this. It’s possible to live like that, too. It’s possible, if this is life for him.

People have to take social responsibility and change themselves to avoid the worst scenario 

T: It’s just that how consciousness draws for people, participants of the movement have also shared what it says: that at the moment when something happens, that in that critical situation, at that point of events, you will surely become humane, and you will change, and you’ll be…

IM: You won’t become. And you won’t change. People say that, perhaps, catastrophes are necessary so that people go through this and become purified and humane. But experience shows the opposite. When the last bottle of water is taken away from a child, and when an old woman gets shot for a piece of bread, right? This is the reality of existence, because everything that is now imposed on people’s heads is mostly violence, cruelty and survival at any cost.

Well, will people become more spiritual when they have to share one bottle of water among all? There are heroes among people, I don’t argue, who will give their share to someone else to prolong another person’s life. There are, of course, such people. But in percentage ratio, how many of them? This is the answer.

So, what awaits us with such a course of events? Armed gangs? And all the movies that were made are a light fairy tale of reality that might be. We have said this more than once. After all, the system indeed foresees everything.

We’ve already mentioned migration in the programmes. Just imagine, if at least a billion people begin to move for resettlement now? At least a billion. How will all this end?

T: It’s just interesting how it imposes, yes, even regarding the refugee issues, the issues of migration, such a position that refugees are victims…

IM: Aren’t they the same people like you? And everyone has watched and thought, “They will come to me.” Why “they will come to you”? Why not you, my friend, who will go?! Everything can be exactly the opposite than what consciousness tells you. You will have to go somewhere with your family, to a place where no one is waiting for you. Well, isn’t that so? And then what?

T: Some want to be given, others don’t want to give at all, “Why should I share?!” This is how the system imposes.

IM: And everyone thinks that someone owes them something. But the truth is that no one owes anything to anyone in this world. And this is really true.

Positive example of socially responsible people – the ALLATRA Movement

T: There’s also such a positive example: the ALLATRA Movement, because at the time when the system divides people into a “friend or foe” of some kind, they understand that foreign…

IM: Do you know what they are thinking about now, those who are listening for the first time? That we are sitting here and advertising ALLATRA, terrifying people and telling that ALLATRA is so good, and so on. Well, this is the truth. (T: But there are those who listen… ) This is how consciousness works. But those who listen, those who listen, they know who we are. And what about those who don’t know? How to reach out to those who don’t know? One by one? Someone said a little here, someone said a little there. I’ll put it simply: imagine a factory where it’s noisy, and you stand in a corner and tell the truth. Will you be heard at the other end?

T: Well, but people are also tired already of this lie, (IM: Tired), and that’s exactly the truth that sounds, one might say, even very…

IM: …ordinary.

T: The truth sounds very loud because…

IM: Because it echoes inside. And the point of it is precisely to learn to hear that whisper inside. And to trust that instead of the yelling in one’s head. And to learn to actually stop this yelling in one’s head. And to stop being a slave controlled by the system. That’s the truth. And this is what people primarily need to master in order to become humans, not animals.

T: So, I’ll just return to the people from the ALLATRA Movement, to those who joined because…

IM: Well, okay, keep advertising…

T: Because in that situation which…

IM: Although I should say that, to be honest, I should say, thank you so much, friends, for really being with us, for understanding, and for what you do! This is true.

T: It’s very joyful that, you know, they inspire by their example so much. (IM: Of course) And because, first of all, there is this Knowledge and understanding…

IM: First of all, because they are honest (T: Yes) and free.

T: There is the Knowledge, that’s also very important.

IM: And “alive” is written on their faces, right?

T: And life is certainly attracted to life, and that’s why these, you know, life-generating processes are developing so quickly? The system only knows that it’s necessary to prevent unification of people.

Life is attracted to Life

IM: Here’s an example. On the surface, it’s a dead desert: there’s nothing but sand, and there are deep cracks in the ground. It has rained a little, and in the morning everything is already green. Here’s a simple positive example. The same is here – life is attracted to life.

T: And how quickly this is being implemented…

IM: And there is a positive point.

T: Revival… Yes…

IM: Of course, there is. If there were no these positive points and there were no chance, let’s say, would we be talking with you about anything now? Why would I need it? I have things to do in other places. I’m not a forensic pathologist, I’m a masseur. My job is to help people get rid of pain, so that life would be, well, let’s say, joyful and without suffering, right?

T: Al-Jabir, the one who heals hearts.

IM: But I heal spines, you see? And it’s cardiologists who heal hearts, it’s a bit different.

T: It’s just… you know how… I’d also like to… I don’t know if this is the right way to say, but to call people for consolidation, unity, mutual help, because, you know, I even recall the words from the Bible: where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them. And, after all, even consciousness of each person doesn’t know how the events will develop when people unite (IM: I’ll repeat) in Spirit…

IM: I’ll repeat: spiritual help comes from the Spiritual World only to those who know and live by the laws of the Spiritual World, right? Power is given only to the free ones. While if a person is in slavery, in complete submission to satan, will help from the Spiritual World come to him? A simple question.

Why would anyone strengthen the enemy? It’s like, well, here is such a bad example… Imagine, my friend, you are walking alone, not bothering anyone. Well, it got dark, and bandits suddenly appear! And you say, “Guys, wait! I have these amazing bats, take them. For you, well, so that you don’t hurt your hands while beating me, right? As I’m hard.” Here is the answer. Sorry for the irony, but this is true. For better understanding.

A person needs to understand who he is and why he is here

T: Igor Mikhailovich, today, well, we also talk about how important it is for people not to be silent, but to be open and express their position. And, of course, well…

IM: It’s much more important to understand: to understand who you are and why you are here. If a person understands who he is and why he’s here, and understands that these 80%, or even more of thoughts in his head are negative and not from him, and he doesn’t need them. If he rejects those illusory fetters that satan has imposed on him, because in fact it’s satan who has imposed them on him.

Satan has no arms, no legs, his arms and legs are your arms and legs. After all, he just whispers in the head, and a person is doing. He whispers in the head, and the person is screaming. He prompts in the head, and the person is killing. Isn’t that so? It is. Satan hasn’t killed anyone, it’s you who kill each other, my friends. And this is true.

If a person has realised this and simply stopped submitting to all this negativity, and he puts his attention as the main resource in what is good and positive, in love precisely, in the spiritual direction then everything will change. And then freedom might come, in fact. And after freedom Life will come. And then, you know, it doesn’t matter anymore, whether the end of the world comes or not – for you, it will never come. It’s the dead ones who are afraid of death.


System is in agony. Our future relies on social responsibility of every person

T: Yes, of course, you can really feel that. If you look at what is happening in society now, at what is happening in the world now, you know, there’s an impression that the system is in some kind of agony in general, that there is some kind of confusion, madness of the system. So, does it know a scenario of its own?

IM: Let’s just say… The system is more than intelligent. And, of course, it understands the beginning of its end… in any way: either to eat human dregs in a dump for a thousand years, or there will be a restart at least.

T: So, it is even capable of such measures as self-destruction, through these cataclysms and these conflicts, right?

IM: But with a hope that it will be revived later, of course it is capable, with a hope of a future revenge. Anyway, this is just a program, just like the system in your tablet.

T: Well, this also expands the understanding because people now understand that the system is doing everything possible to drain as much attention as possible during its near-death hour, in order to…

IM: This is energy reserve. Well, let’s say, if a person has half a tank of gas in a car, how long can he drive? Or a full tank? Just a simple example. That’s why the system is trying to fill up its tanks, so that they are full just in case (T: Meaning…). It needs this in any case. (T: So, it…) It doesn’t have a lot of options. It has only two. Well, to be honest, humanity also has only two options.

T: So, it turns out that, on the one hand, of course, how artfully the system is arranged. That is, it is pumping out this “half a tank” now, and it pumps out the rest when a person becomes a subpersonality having failed to implement…

IM: Well, this is in case of normal existence. Now we are talking about what is called the Last Day.

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