Overall Results of 2018. People of the World. Understanding. Relations between Events. ALLATRA

As a the New Year approaches each person reviews the results of the passing year for his or her achievements. And the inner desire to live in love, joy, and happiness motivates the person to look for the source that gives life. This aspiration of creating good and uniting people across the world has connected millions of people within ALLATRA International Public Movement and every day more and more people join the movement.

The passing year is full of gifts from the Spiritual world to all humankind. These are new programmes on ALLATRA TV, and new creative projects, organized on the platform of the ALLATRA movement and other opportunities to get in touch with the Truth and feel Allatra inside.

Primordial Knowledge resonates in people’s hearts, touching upon the deepest strings of human souls, after all, it’s impossible not to spread the Light of Truth. And this feedback,
turning into the relay of Good, Love and Unity, sweeping across the world, uniting us: from country to country, from city to city, from Soul to Soul.

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