Parable: God loves those who love Him

One day a young man came to the sage with a question. He wanted to know how to find God’s blessing and His love. He asked the sage, but he, without saying a word, led the young man into his garden.

– Look, what do you see? – Asked the sage.

– I do not see anything, only the damp soil, –  answered the man.

– Well, come back in one month, and I’ll give you an answer to your question.

Exactly a month later the wise man and the young man met again in the garden.

– What do you see now? – Asked the sage.

– I see that in some places sprouts appeared.

– Good. Then tell me, why are there no sprouts everywhere?

– Apparently, the seeds did not germinate.

– Do you see the seeds?

– No, they are hidden under a layer of soil. I just cannot see them.

– Do you know their fate, are you interested in them? Will you take care of them?

– Of course not. Why do I need seeds that will never bear fruit?

To receive the blessing and love of God, you must first grow spiritually. Escape from the “shell-dictatorship” of your consciousness, which holds back and constrain your True essence, which is not the shell itself, but something much more. Then, it is necessary to break through the layer of the soil, which are patterns imposed by the consciousness. And only after that you will be able to see the Light of God, which will become for you a life-giving source, filling your essence with Light and warming your Love.

Now your task is to grow, develop, executing the program of the spiritual world, which is inherent in you from the very beginning. To do this, you must reach out to the Light with your full force and do not lose heart during the darkness of the night. Very soon you will become a mature, new being that will delight the One who created you. And you will be filled with such grace, such Joy, Love and Happiness that you will not be able to stay on the ground. And only after that you will go to the one who raised you, who cared for you and so waited until you ripen to take you back to your true home – the Spiritual World.

God loves those who love Him. Those, who are in captivity of the material world, break through the darkness of consciousness with all their forces and, despite everything, rush to the Light.

Olga Chernaya

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