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Why do states of fakeness, artificiality, and unreality of this material world arise? Why has the system been failing lately (hovering of objects and birds in the air, cars collide with invisible obstacles)? Why does our brain constantly draw extra details to a situation? Microchipping: is it true that John the Theologian mentioned it? Prescience, predictions. What is their essence? States of dreaming, of a controlled dream: what actually happens? Why is everything perceived absolutely logically and realistically while dreaming, and why doesn’t a person even have critical thinking in a dream towards his unreal actions? The state of hypnosis: how do third forces impact Personality, and how does Personality perceive? Materialization of creatures, spiritualistic seances, creation of energy phantoms: truth and fiction regarding these phenomena, consequences of these actions, and the ultimate outcome for the executor. The tough truth about metaphysics in a person’s life.

A human being from the perspective of Personality: how Personality itself perceives the world during the existence of a body and an energy structure. How does Personality perceive the world through primary consciousness? A human being from the perspective of subpersonality: how a person perceives himself after the death of his body, the destruction of his energy structure, and the transfer to the state of information. Why after resuscitation and experiencing clinical death people talk about various states they have experienced. What stages does a person go through when he is breaking away from his physical body?

Who in a human being demands proof that there is God? Why are these phrases stereotypical in a consumer society from generation to generation? What has society been accustomed to over the last six thousand years? Why is a person only going to embark on the spiritual path, and his consciousness already begins to test his spirituality?

What is the movement in the spiritual direction and development of Personality? How to discipline one’s consciousness? What does it mean to get filled with the Holy Spirit and to Live in God’s Love? What is the difference between the deepest feeling and that which consciousness calls a “feeling”? What does it mean to gain Life eternal, Life in the Spiritual World, during a person’s lifetime in a body? The Holy Spirit — the acting power of God. What is the safeguard seal of the Holy Spirit? Love — an instrument of dialogue with God.

“The closer a Personality is to the Spiritual World, the more Love it gets, the more it gets filled with the Holy Spirit, the more joy and love it perceives, the more it is surrounded with affection, and the more it is protected. However, these are his own efforts, these are the efforts of the person himself. He doesn’t invest in the inevitably dead, in the inevitably false, in that which, pardon me, he won’t take along with him, but he invests in what will always be with him.”

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