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Parents and Children

Today, very serious changes are taking place with the climate, and we are not ready for that. We are not ready to admit as parents that our child has no future. We can influence simple things: a child’s education, how he is dressed, what he eats, and we do this. However, at least so far, we can also influence whether he will have a future or not. And that’s when all our responsibility as parents disappears. We cease to be fathers and mothers, and we become just indifferent people because we reject and do not want to admit that climatic changes already pose a real threat.

A good parent is the one who really cares about the future of their child. Not in the sense of who the child will grow up to be, but in the sense that he will have such an opportunity. If we were truly caring parents, we would not be afraid and would take on this responsibility. And we would do everything to save the life of our child.

How could it happen that we, society as a whole, have come to the point when every person individually seems to be very caring, good and positive, while in general, as a society, we are indifferent to others and turn away from this reality?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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