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Path to the Peak

Mistakes on the spiritual path. Anyone who follows the path of spiritual development can stumble and roll down. Laziness, a desire for power, a substitution of reality, and expressed selfishness appear in him. He often indulges in wishful thinking, especially in relation to himself, his far-fetched “status”, and his capabilities. But people shouldn’t rub the person’s nose into that or judge him. It is better to put things in order in themselves. It is necessary to learn from everyone: from those who follow the spiritual path and from those who fall. “Sometimes you feel sorry for the friends who fall, and sometimes you cannot even offer your hand because it’s a person’s choice. And your outstretched hand only makes him angry, so he pushes it away. However, this is his choice, and you should respect that choice. And it is worth learning from such a person. Why? If he was hooked on a thought, a deed or a hobby and simply rolled down, this means you should remember that and never get into these kinds of situations.”

Such a fall can serve as a wonderful lesson, both for you and for that person. After all, he can rise up again and take the next step uphill. And having gained strength and grasped the essence of how satan works, he can overtake other people. Everything depends on God’s will and a person’s aspiration for true spiritual freedom.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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