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People Are Easier to Deceive Than to Prove to Them that They Are Deceived

  • Rapidly escalating disasters are scientists’ fantasies, just to scare people! Everything is fine, just a little change in the weather, we have nothing to worry about.
  • Everything will go back to normal if we reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Things will get better, as always, these are only temporary difficulties. And we have a lot of other important things to do. Everything will be fine, just as it was before.

? Isn’t that what’s on the minds of many of us?
? What are the real causes of climate change on our planet? Why are we humans so unconcerned about increasing climate disasters?

! Unfortunately, lies have become the norm in our society. It is time to face the truth openly and realize the imminent danger of global climate change. It is necessary to unite the efforts of all mankind for the survival and progress of our civilization. Our survival is in unity!

The full episode of “Earth’s Core. How Can Humanity Survive? | Kaleidoscope of Facts 29″ 

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